New Year, New Us

Anyone who has been to NP’s website before knows that what you’re seeing is… well… new.

True story: we had been working so hard on getting other projects off the ground over the last several years that naturally, with the passage of time. NP’s website has looked progressively more terrible. And that’s with due reason, too- the core of the NP website hadn’t been updated in about 5 years.

So expect to see some changes around here- beyond what you already see.

A special hello goes out to some friends that we’ve worked with recently: shout out to The Fly Academy as well as Dany and his boutique research team at (still unnamed, but it’s alright), the staff at KD Music and Arts, as well as Sweet Confections Body Care.

We look forward to more adventures in business in 2019! Happy New Year and take care.

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