Past Projects: Mastering The Law With GGN Law Group

We reflect on one of our first major projects.
April 2013-January 2014
Project field: Business Solutions, Coaching
(Business’ Name changed in the interest of confidentiality.)

While their specialty was in foreclosure defense and loan modification, which was quite a common field in the early 2010’s, GGN’s approach to retaining clients was non-traditional. Not only was GGN operating in several states, they attracted most of their clients through various means not typically associated with most law firms, including buying expensive leads to feed a highly functional and highly specialized telemarketing team.

However, as the flames of the foreclosure crisis began to cool, it became more and more expensive for GGN to buy and “work” their telemarketing leads, so to speak. While GGN had already been using the internet as a means of lead generation for a few years, they had outsourced every single part of their online marketing activities and had no idea how their online marketing function was operating. Eventually, this decentralization led to a declining number of leads as their competitors’ online marketing strategies became more sophisticated and specialized. GGN’s principals were interested in transitioning toward a more efficient marketing model, so they decided to turn to a more highly involved web marketing platform.

“We have a website that gets a lot of hits” said S. C., the co-owner of GGN, “but we have no idea of who’s going there and we have no way to retain their information”.

GGN initially hired a web marketing firm to work as an in-house web marketing department. However, they felt that the firm wasn’t working with GGN’s best interests at heart, and the parties terminated their relationship after only a few months.

This is when NPCS arrived on the scene.

NP’s first action was to find a lead generation solution that would be more involved, yet simple for GGN’s current personnel to use, since GGN had no in-house tech department and had no plans to hire one. NP eventually settled on creating a brand new web marketing strategy focused on lead generation. This included enhancing GGN’s current website by integrating a well-supported plug and play lead generation platform (HubSpot, in this case), then building new web funnels to create structure and enhance visitor retention. Results were almost instantaneous, and within a few months, GGN was able to cut their lead purchases by 60%, as “free” quality leads beat expensive ones anytime.

By the end of NPCS’ contract with GGN, NP had successfully trained both specialized and non-specialized staff in various web marketing functions, and GGN’s staff was able to continue maintaining the website without the help of NP. Over 5 years later, GGN continues to operate using the system that NP created and implemented.

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