It may be easy to think that in today’s marketing landscape, e-mail marketing is pass√©. After all, e-mail itself has now been a part of the business world for an entire generation now, and it no longer is considered a new technology. In fact, it’s a part of the fabric of everyday business life now, just like conference calls and coffee machines.

On the other hand, since e-mail is everywhere these days- it can be easy to forget just how often we interact with our email on a daily basis. We read emails on our phones, on our work computers, on our tablets, through our cars, and even via our smart watches.

E-Mail Is Possibly the Most Effective Online Sales Tool

In fact, e-mail is one of the most effective ways to get your sales going. According to a study found here, nearly 80% of consumers prefer to receive marketing communications from companies they’re familiar with via email. A quality e-mail is still one of the best ways to interact with customers, and carries the advantage of being as “green” a technology as there is (when compared to traditional paper mailouts).

Don’t believe us? Check out these statistics:

  1. E-mail still has the highest ROI of any marketing channel – every $1 spent generates roughly $38 in income.
  2. 7 in 10 people say they’ve used a coupon from a marketing email recently.
  3. Over 40% of consumers say they’ve made at least one purchase in the last year via a marketing email.
  4. Quality emails still get people excited: Over 70% of B2B buyers say they’re most likely to share useful info via email.
  5. A good e-mail list pays: studies show that about half of an email list will be active: reading and clicking on emails.

Let Us Help You Benefit From E-Mail Marketing.

NP is a one-stop shop for email and provides a wide range of e-mail services. We can help you:

  • Tell People About Your New or Special Offers
  • Better Your Communication With Existing Clients
  • Bring New Clients Into Your Fold

If this sounds like something your business needs, or even if you’re not sure, let’s talk over coffee.