Current Projects: The FLY Academy

Do you remember those last days in high school? Boy, those were glorious times, but they were incredibly nerve-racking. There was the stress of picking out a tux or dress for our prom, the stress of finals, and of course, the college selection process. In addition, there were those standardized tests- ACT, SAT, etc.

Of course, now that we’re adults, many of us probably would gladly exchange our”problems” and “stress” of those days with bills, kids, job stress and whatever else we have to deal with on a daily basis now. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make it easier for those who have come after us.

That’s where comes in. TFX, as it is called by its development team, is committed to providing quality standardized test help for everyone at the best price possible. There is a team of educators and current and former SAT and ACT instructors. Currently, the plan is to offer the one-week introductory course for $5.99! That’s a big difference from the test prep companies, who currently offer similar courses for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

This has largely been a labor of love, blood, sweat, and tears by the TFX team, and that’s why we’re helping with pulling a lot of the tech-y stuff together, for lack of a better term. We look forward to hopefully helping thousands of people out in the near future through this venture.

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